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MLMs Images Inc aims to become Canada's No. 1 leader of wholesale fashion footwear and wholesale clothing through distribution/wholesale by brand label, design and distribution, by using the core values of Teamwork, Total Customer Satisfaction, and Integrity.

MLMs Images Inc is a trendy Canadian wholesale fashion footwear and Canadian wholesale clothing company that not only retails but who also gets involved in the Canadian Fashion Industry.  MLMs Images Inc has an unmatched, extensive selection of different designs, colors and sizes. Generally, the size of MLMs Images Inc's selection is due to warehousing. The cost of warehousing in Canada is extensive so we warehouse 50 miles from Weyburn.
MLMs Images Inc has three keys to success. The first is establishing high quality, high value relationship with its manufactures and customers. The second key is to ensure reliable and timely delivery of products. The third key to success is reliable administration of organization.

All our brokerage is inhouse. We do not hire a broker to import any of our goods, we do it all ourselves so we can save dollars and pass that savings onto you.


From the owner

"We care about our customers, because our customers care about our business"

It is for that reason that our websites are not automated. Every email we recieve is responded to by a real person on the other end.

We want to earn your trust, More importantly we want you to be successful, because if your successful we are successful.


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MLMs Images Inc provides wholesale clothing and footwear to Canadian retailers, whereas the retailers are successful.

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E-mail: admin@mlmsimages.com