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If you’re a Canadian looking at purchasing products in the United States or any other country you know how confusing all this talk about taxes and duties can be.   If its wholesale clothing and apparel, you find yourself paying more than if you were to source products in Canada. The problem with Canadian wholesale products is that the trending sytles seem to be lagging behind and that causes you to be left out of the loop.

We have sourced the best vendors throughout North America and we bring in high quantity that means our price savings are past onto you. On our wholesale footwear and wholesale clothing websites you pay the price you see. All our wholesale products in Canada are in Canadian funds.

Our warehouse guys check and double check your wholesale orders to ensure your not paying for products on backorder.

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Our hope is that retailers accept this historic shift as a call to action – a heads-up that, to invoke Sam Walton, the days of stacking it high and watching it fly, are gone forever. Retailers that succeed in the digital age, will be those that begin now by purchasing locally and eliminating the extra tariff costs of importing. Redefine the value they bring to the equation and dare to defy what is fast becoming old industry math.

If you are successful, we are successful. We feel the need to distribute products only in Canada. We KNOW how hard it is for retailers to deal with trending fashions not available in Canada. Until the mind set of paying big dollars for quality products is gone, we will continue to source from other countries what is trending, good quality and reasonable prices. Customers will always pay a little more for products that are trending, stylish and different than you can get at the regular chain stores in Canada. Talk to your customers and ask what they want.


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MLMs Images Inc provides wholesale clothing and footwear to Canadian retailers, whereas the retailers are successful.

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